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Elaine Wynn

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Las Vegas, NV
Director, Wynn Resorts
Relationship to Foundation: “Godmother,” Donor, Partner, Sponsor and Former Advisory Board Member

1. How were you introduced to the Foundation?

Meeting with Perry Rogers and Andre.

2. How many years have you been involved with Foundation?

Prior to change of charter school laws in Nevada.

3. Why do you support the Foundation?

The mission is compelling. To provide equal opportunities to all children.

4. How do you see Foundation and Agassi Prep impacting the greater good? Setting a great example.

We know that all children, no matter what their circumstances, have needs that exist beyond school. When these needs are not met they can dramatically interfere with a child’s ability to learn. When a school recognizes this reality and works to improve the conditions of the whole child, without compromising the quality of their education, you have a successful result. That’s what this place strives to do.

“This school has become the beacon that Andre hoped it would be. It serves as a successful model certainly of a charter school but more important, as a model for what every school could be.”