In Andre's Words


August 25, 2014 letters Comments Off

Dear Steve,

My friend; my traveling companion; my business ally. My lifesaver. Although I’ve known you since I was a teenager, you came into my life full time right when I needed you most. I want the world to know how much you mean to me, my Foundation, and my future. You took the helm of my Foundation, and not only gave it new life and new direction; you donated your entire salary back to it, working for free. You never intended the world to know that, but I want them to know what kind of heart you have.

I feel so safe and so protected with you guiding my business. Integrity and honesty is your north star and you’ve done something I never thought possible, you make business fun for me. You have had to navigate some delicate waters since you came aboard, but you’ve proved your expertise at every turn. You mean the world to me. My family and I, down to my children’s children, owe you a debt we can never repay.