Andre’s Perspective

We see education as the key to opportunity in life. But as U.S. students continue to fall behind other countries – and as Nevada’s students continue to perform at the lowest levels in the country – these opportunities diminish.

<strong>We believe we can do better. And we believe we must do better.</strong>

Every child deserves an outstanding education, and to provide it, public schools here in Nevada and across the country need better resources and accountability. Our own experience operating a public, K-12 charter school has taught us that to be successful, the two must go hand-in-hand. We also know that when children are placed in an environment where expectations are high and excellence is the standard, they embrace it.

<strong>We believe in children. And when you say you believe, you have to act.</strong>

Each of us – parents, advocates, educators and legislators – has a responsibility to help children fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams. That is why I have devoted my life to this work.

Please take your time browsing our website. See what we have built, what we are achieving and where we are heading. I hope you will join us on the path to excellence.

<strong>”We believe every child has the right to thrive.”</strong>