Agassi Prep

Creating Opportunities through Education
In 2001, the Foundation opened the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy (Agassi Prep), a public charter school that provided children in Historic West Las Vegas with a first-class K-12 education to prepare them for excellence in college and beyond.

Agassi Prep was conceived in the belief that nothing has a greater impact on children’s lives than the education they receive, and that all children deserve outstanding academic experiences, regardless of what neighborhoods they live in. Our school was a climate of hope and high expectations, where we nurtured children but also provided the focus and discipline, they need to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

In 2017, after successfully graduating 9 senior classes, Agassi Prep made the decision to turn over operations to Democracy Prep, a high achieving charter management organization with 17 high performing charter schools in the nation.  You can learn more about Democracy Prep below.

Democracy Prep Website
Democracy Prep Press Release

But our work was not done with Agassi Prep.

Although Agassi Prep is no longer operating, the Agassi Foundation has taken all of the knowledge it garnered during the 16 years of the prep academy’s operation and is using that knowledge to lead our grantmaking decisions. We know that education can come in many different formats and through many different resources. We have to support the student at every level, not just by providing a classroom and a teacher, but also by taking away any obstructions that may interfere with their ability to learn.

We have dedicated ourselves to continue to learn and to continue to support the youth of tomorrow. Now a private foundation, Andre Agassi Foundation for Education can spend it’s time researching and supporting worthwhile causes that reflects our mission.

Due to limited staff size, we are not able to accept requests for funding unsolicited. If, after reviewing our funding guidelines, you believe your organization fits our mission, please email Julie Pippenger at