Solar Project

The Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy also exemplifies environmentally-friendly operations. The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education installed a fully permitted and approved 465 kW photo-voltaic energy system to provide electric power to Agassi Prep. The solar system and energy efficiency improvements will help educate students about solar energy, produce clean renewable electricity and reduce power bills for the school, allowing those savings to be used for educational purposes. The system will be connected to the grid and will fully utilize net-metering. The first phase of a multi-phase project was completed in August 2010 and consists of a 235 kW photo-voltaic renewable energy system on the roof of the elementary school and gymnasium. The second phase of the project consists of an additional 230 kW photo-voltaic renewable energy system on specially designed solar carports, with plug-in capability, as well as on the rooftops of the middle school, high school and multipurpose room which will make it the largest rooftop solar project in the state of Nevada.

A display monitor in the lobby at Agassi Prep shows the solar system’s daily production. Click below to view the solar power being produced at Agassi Prep.

Agassi Prep Solar Monitoring Dashboard