Frequently Asked Questions

The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education is a not-for-profit private charity dedicated to providing educational opportunities and resources to an otherwise underserved population.

Andre created the Foundation in 1994 and has been hands-on every step of the way – from envisioning how to make a high quality education available to all - to raising funds to support the foundation’s ambitious efforts over the years.

Since his retirement from professional tennis, he has devoted his energy to expanding the Foundation's reach and impact, in Las Vegas and across the country. In Andre’s own words, "Making a difference in childrens lives is my life's work."

Having sacrificed his own education for success on the court, Andre always felt – in spite of his achievements – that tennis was all he knew. He saw education as the key to opportunity because by giving kids options, education gives them the freedom to shape their future.

Initially, the Foundation focused on a wide range of programs to help kids in need. But this work only provided temporary fixes to long-term problems. We saw a pressing need to improve public education and deliver better outcomes for Nevada students, whose performance is low compared to the rest of the United States, and for kids around the country who have fallen behind the rest of the world. We wanted to bring about systemic changes that would last; that vision drives our work today.

The Foundation is supported by a network of dedicated partners and donors.

For 16 years the Agassi Foundation hosted the Grand Slam for Children event, our largest fundraising effort to date. Due to the enormity of the event and the time commitment to put on such an event the Agassi Foundation retired this event in 2011 and in 2020 transitioned from a public foundation to a private foundation.

The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education is a 501 (c) (3) private charity. Please consult your tax professional for additional information regarding tax deductions.

Please refer to the funding guidelines posted on the website. After reviewing the guidelines, if you feel your organization meets the established criteria, please email for more information. Please do not submit a grant request without an invitation to do so. These proposals will not be reviewed. Proposals that do not meet or follow the criteria in the funding guidelines will also not be reviewed.

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Please contact Steve Miller, CEO of Agassi Graf Holdings, with your request for Andre's time in writing and send to

As you can imagine, we receive a significant number of requests for autographs and, unfortunately, we are not able to process every one of them. We wish we could because all of our supporters are important to us. Please be mindful that items sent to the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education may not be returned. Our apologies.