Brent Handler

September 8, 2014 advisory board Comments Off


Brent Handler is the founder and CEO of Inspirato, the Denver-based company that is redefining luxury travel by combining the best features of high-end vacation clubs and vacation rental programs, but without any of the drawbacks. With an eye on disrupting the $24 billion vacation rental market, Handler’s company is offering a flexible solution for the luxury segment that provides consistency, service and amenities, at a never-before-seen value. Throughout his career, Handler has been recognized for his success building businesses that capitalize on nascent consumer trends and transform established industries. He is the pioneer of the destination club industry, having co-founded Exclusive Resorts, the world’s largest and most successful destination club, in 2002. Brent served as the company’s president for almost eight years, during which time he drove innovation that set the standard for the burgeoning industry. He led Exclusive Resorts from a simple idea to a formidable player in the real estate and hospitality sectors, with $1 billion in owned property and more than 100,000 member vacations delivered. He brings that same creativity, passionate leadership and a keen eye for market dynamics to Inspirato. Brent holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.