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Renewed Focus on Education

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AAFE hones its mission of transforming education in two ways. Agassi Prep strives to provide a first-class K-12 education. Through advocacy, the AAFE drives investment and develops policies that promote accountability in public education.


Nevada Charter Law Ranked 22

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The Center for Education Reform improves its ranking of Nevada Charter Law from 27th in the nation to 22nd. After the 2007 legislative session, Nevada improves its overall ranking which encourages new charters to open and increases educational opportunities for children.


Athletic Success

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Former Team Agassi Member Asia Muhammad, who turned professional, reaches the finals of the Tennis Channel Open.

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Boney Continues to Excel

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Just three weeks into her first collegiate spring season, former Team Agassi Member Candynce Boney is named “Atlantic 10 Player” and “Rookie of the Week” for the second week in a row and is also named “Player of the Week” by the Atlantic 10 Conference.